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Recent results from the Clare speed sign

The key facts are:

  • The A1092 in Clare typically has about 3,000 vehicles per day each way, e.g. that is 6,000 in both directions, with a peak flow at busy hours of about 400/hr each way, or 800/hr in both directions.
  • About 75% of drivers on average exceed the 30 mph speed limit, with 25% in excess of the ACPO speed of 35 mph.
  • Dangerous speeds of over 50 mph are recorded nearly every day before 8 am in the morning and after 8 pm at night, when traffic density is low.
  • During the hours when most retired drivers are on the roads, 10 am to 3 pm, speeds are at their lowest and very few drivers exceed 35 mph.
  • This data is passed to Suffolk Constabulary who will then deploy a mobile radar speed trap – without notice – to control speeding motorists.

Recent results

Please find below earlier data from May 2017.  Since that date, new data has been circulated and sent on to the police: March-April Feb 2018  Feb-March 2018 Jan-Feb 2018; Dec 2017 – Jan 2018; Nov-Dec 2017.  Click on each date span to see the files.

Clare VAS A1092 opposite Stour Valley Community School – Incoming
Channel Combined Week 8 Week 9
Average Speed 32.3 31.4 33.4
85th Percentile 39.1 38.9 39.4
Standard Deviation 4.4 4.3 4.6
Total Number of Vehicles 38014 20869 17145
Speed Limit 30 30 30
Number over Speed Limit 29146 15216 13930
Percentage over Speed Limit 76.7 72.9 81.2
ACPO* 35 35 35
Number over ACPO 8914 3913 5001
Percentage over ACPO 23.4 18.8 29.1

*The Association of Chief Police Officers have a Speed Enforcement Policy which gives some margin as to when enforcement is likely – warning: this is not a licence for anyone to go over the speed limit, as in some circumstances all breaches may be enforced.

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