This page is for vacancies in the Clare area.  If the posts are for non-commercial organisations, they will be placed free of charge.  If the posts are for commercial organisations, a donation to Clare Town Council would be gratefully accepted.

Public Convenience Cleaner

required for holiday and emergency cover

The Trustees are looking for a local person who would be willing and able to cover holidays
for our permanent cleaner and emergency cover if needed at short notice.

The role involves unlocking the Country Park toilets in the morning, locking up in the early evening,
cleaning and keeping the consumables stocked.

You will be paid an annual retainer plus an hourly rate for actual cleaning carried out.

If you are interested, please contact Keith Mison
T: 01787 279 013

Clare Castle Country Park Trust.  Charity Registered Number: 1160965
Correspondence address: 22 Nethergate Street, Clare, Suffolk. CO10 8NP
T: 01787 277 731     E: geoffreysbray(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)

Placed 15 December 2016