Reporting problems


Clare Town Council has responsibilities for many aspects of the town: street-cleaning, grass-cutting, trees, the cemetery………. Other responsibilities belong to others: Suffolk County Council, St Edmundsbury Borough Council, Anglian Water…….  This page tries to clarify where help can be found or where a report can be made.

suffolkcountycouncilSuffolk County Council has on the first page of its website a reporting tool: ♦ pothole ♦ faulty street light ♦ public right of way issue ♦ flooding ♦ obscured, missing or damaged sign ♦ tree or hedge affecting the highway ♦ faulty lit sign or bollard ♦ pavement defect ♦ missing or faded road signs ♦ incident with a HGV ♦ blocked drain ♦ adult at risk of abuse, harm or neglect ♦ damaged fire hydrant ♦ problem with school transport.

Suffolk County Council also have a page on flooding, which will help direct the complaint to the appropriate responsible body.

Individuals are asked to complete a form with essential details, nature and location of problem, their own name and address, often clicking on a map to pinpoint the location.  An incident number is issued.

West Suffolk logoWest Suffolk has a similar reporting tool: ♦ bins & recycling ♦ business rates & council tax ♦ dogs, lost & found ♦ environment issues:  noise, high hedges, air quality ♦ planning & building control ♦ play areas ♦ street scene: abandoned vehicles, dead animals, dog fouling, drug waste, fly-tipping, graffiti, damaged or overflowing waste & dog bins.

Anglian Water: report a leak

Environment Agency: flooding, flood warnings, environmental incidents

UK Power Networks: Advice on power cuts
A national phone number “105” is available for the public to call should they need to report or get information about a power cut in their area.

Do not assume that some one else has reported a problem.