More than ever banks are seeing an increase in incidents where criminals are using ingenious ways of persuading customers to part with their personal details, their credit and debit cards and ultimately their money.

Prevention through awareness is the best way to avoid becoming a victim of a scam. The following information is designed to inform you of the types of threats you may encounter, along with some simple steps that can be taken to protect yourself.

Virtually every bank has advice on this issue: here’s one such leaflet, in this case from Santander, but it contains key tips that apply to any bank customer.  Make sure you familiarise yourself with what your own bank advises.

There are so many different ways to scam people: smishing, free trial offer, share sales, mule accounts, boiler-room shares, invoice fraud, phishing, tech support offers, spoofing, advance fees, holiday reservations. door-to-door and courier scams…..  The Metropolitan Police have issues a useful summary: the Little Book of Cyber Scams.  This covers more than the average householder may want to know, but it does put scams in the context of a worldwide problem.

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