At last Suffolk County Council accepts the need for TRO

4 January 2019

At a meeting today between representatives of Clare Town Council, County Councillor Mary Evans and Suffolk Highways, it has been agreed to work to introduce an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order putting a weight restriction on the A1092.

In effect this would be a ban on the larger HGVs (those over 17.5 tonnes) using the road as a through route. It would not be a complete HGV ban. Vehicles starting and ending their journey or stopping to make collections/deliveries along the route and those below 17. 5 tonnes would not be affected by this move.

The effectiveness of a temporary ban will need to be assessed before a permanent TRO could be created.

While Suffolk Highways will take responsibility for putting the TRO in place, the funds for it will need to be found locally.  Suffolk Highways has no budget for this project. A rough guesstimate is about £10,000-£20,000.  Any local objections to a TRO proposal which require it to be considered by the SCC Development Control and Regulation Committee will be a significant cost factor.

Creating a TRO can be a lengthy process.

As a first step, Cllr. Evans will set up a meeting with Clare Town Council and an officer from the Road Safety, Speed and Traffic Management team who will lead on this for Suffolk County Council and representatives from neighbouring parishes that will be affected.

The Town Council is likely to formally consider this matter at its February meeting.

Mobile Bank

15 October 2018

Lloyds mobile bank paid its first visit to Clare last week and is due to be with us every Tuesday morning from 10.15 to 11.45am.  We will be putting out parking cones and no parking signs on Market Hill this evening, to clear a space for the bank to drive in and park in front of the Co-op.  Thank you to everyone for your help in keeping this space clear to enable the bank to visit.

Footpath to Nuttery

15 October 2018

In recent high winds a Horse Chestnut tree beside the footpath to the Nuttery split and a large limb fell onto the path.  The Council’s arborist has advised that  people should not walk underneath it on the footpath side, as there is a danger of another limb falling onto the path.  For this reason the Council has left the fallen wood blocking the path to the side of the tree.  St Edmundsbury Borough Council’s independent expert will be visiting the tree shortly and advising on the appropriate action.  Once we have his report the work will be booked so that the footpath can be reopened as quickly as possible.

Post Office to re-open

26 July 2018

Today representatives from Clare Town Council, Suffolk County Council and St. Edmundsbury Borough Council met with Post Office managers to discuss the future of the Clare Local Post Office.

We were informed that the Clare Post Office will hopefully  re-open at sometime during the day on Friday with a new temporary postmistress. The Post Office will be open for the same hours as before.

This is only a temporary solution and next week the Post Office will start to advertise for a new person to permanently run the Clare Post Office.

Further information will be posted on this website as it becomes available.

Clare to Haverhill Bus Service

Statement from Suffolk County Council

26 July 2018

A new bus company is taking over the Haverhill-Clare route and will be offering fare reductions coupled with a discount when passengers buy ten-journey tickets from the driver.

Fares between Haverhill and Clare are coming down from £7 return for an adult to £5.95; £3.30 for a single and £26.40 for ten tickets with reductions for a child from the current £6 return to £3 for a return; £1.65 for a single and £13.20 for ten tickets.

The change in service at the end of August was promoted by the decision of Beestons, which has operated the 236 Sudbury to Haverhill service to pull out of running the Clare-Haverhill section of the route.

Neither section of this route were operated with any public subsidy and the decision to reduce the services lay entirely with the company and not Suffolk County Council. However, the Suffolk County Council realised that a replacement service was required and it is subsidising the new service. It has made a contract with a local Haverhill company, The Big Green Bus Company, who operate a number of services already in Cambridgeshire. To avoid duplication of the route numbers this service will operate as route 18.

The Beeston’s contract ends on Saturday 28 August and the new Big Green Bus Company Service starts on Monday 30 August so there will be no break in service. The remaining section between Clare and Sudbury remains in place, operated by Beestons with some minor timetable adjustments.

The SCC Passenger Transport Team has tried hard to co-ordinate with the remaining commercial service at Clare. This has been very difficult due to conflicting demands from schools along the route and we have not been able to create a fully co-ordinated timetable. Unfortunately, through tickets for passengers seeking to travel across the two routes will not be available.

A timetable showing both services is now available for download from our website –

The main impacts are –

  • All students who previously travelled on the Haverhill to Clare section of the 236 route will shortly receive new school bus passes for service 18 to ensure they can get to school.
  • Students who previously travelled on the section of service 236 between Sudbury and Clare will shortly be advised that they are moving to a new school bus that is not open to the general public (operated by Chambers).
  • Unfortunately neither of the local bus service will operate on Saturdays. Beestons have declined to operate their section on Saturdays leaving nothing for the supported service to connect to. Patronage data suggests that the patronage is limited and we could not justify supporting a through service.
  • Fares on the Haverhill to Clare section have been reduced by the Big Green Bus Company when compared to those charged previously by Beestons (copy of fare table attached for your information).

Currently the Big Green Bus Company will not be accepting our Endeavour card as their ticket machines are not compatible. Passenger Transport will discuss this with them in the future; our priority at this moment was to ensure continuity of service for students and residents of the area. Discounted ten-journey tickets are also available from the driver.

Clare Post Office Closed

5 July 2018

We have just learnt that the Post Office has decided to terminate the contract of the Clare Postmaster. They will not provide us with the background on why this decision was taken, for reasons of commercial confidentiality.

Clearly the continuing closure of the post office is having a detrimental effect on the town.  The Town Council is writing to the Post Office asking for urgent discussions with them regarding the restoration  of full post office facilities in the town and the putting in place of some temporary  provision such as a mobile post office.

The Town Council is also in contact with our County and Borough Councillors and our local M.P.

Further information will be posted on this website as soon as it becomes available.


Blocked again

Goss alley drain

Photo: Steve Kimminau

3 April 2018

The path between Gosford Close and Callis Street is blocked again by water flooding out of the drain.  This causes problems lower down beside the Cock.

This happened last year and again in previous years after heavy rain.  It’s not just due to excess water but probably to a collapsed drainpipe.  In the past the town council has taken up the case; promises to intervene have been made.  We shall try again.

Callis Street was once known as Gosford Street.  The Hawedych ran from the Common down the back of the High Street’s gardens, across Nethergate Street and came out into the New Cut somewhere opposite the Priory back entrance.  The Goss stream branched from the Hawedych east of the primary school and ran down across Callis Street within a hidden culvert.  It turned under the buildings at that end of the street, being used as a running source of wter in their cellars for the purpose of ‘fulling’, washing and felting wool.  It is this culvert that is causing all the problems, probably a mixture of Victorian and modern pipework.

There is no official name for this footpath – perhaps it should be called Cock Alley?  Or Goss Lane?

Country Park gets £1.5m Lottery Fund approval

21 March 2018

The Trustees of Clare Castle Country Park are delighted to announce that their application for £1.5 million of National Lottery funding has been approved.   The decision by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) follows an application from the Trust which undertook extensive development stage work, including community and stakeholder consultation, over a nine-month period last year.
More details of what will happen, and when, will be issued as soon as the Trustees are in a position to do so.  They will continue with their regular circulation of information through newsletters, website, postings on Facebook, reports and public meeting. 

Congratulations to the team that made this possible – consultations with all and sundry, countless meetings, weeks of preparation, writing and rewriting the bid papers…..!

BBC Countryfile Magazine Awards – Make your vote

28 January 2018

BBC Countryfile Awards 2018Celebrating the best of the British countryside, Suffolk has been nominated as a finalist in the category:  Holiday Destination of the Year.  Clare is already committed to expanding its tourism presence – so a vote for Suffolk can only help enhance our position.

Visit the BBC Countryfile site to make your choice along with other categories like Beach or Photo of the Year.  Votes close on 5 March and results will be announced on March 13th.


Clare First Responders

20 January 2018

The Town Council received a report this week from our local team of emergency responders:

With the introduction of the new Ambulance Response Programme (ARP) which has been rolled out nationwide, CFR call outs have dropped slightly as expected.  This is due to the enhanced triaging of calls by the East of England Ambulance call handlers.  As a result of this, CFR’s are tasked to the highest category of calls only, ensuring the sickest of patients receive emergency help quickly.

During December the CFRs attended 9 calls within the local area.

We are pleased to inform the Town Council of a recent call out to a patient in cardiac arrest, who was successfully resuscitated by the CFR prior to the ambulance and crew arriving on scene.  The patient had suffered a cardiac arrest.  The solo CFR on duty attended and administered the appropriate life saving treatment.  On arrival of the ambulance, the patient was conscious and breathing due to the interventions by the CFR, transported to hospital and is making good progress with the hope of discharge home in the near future.  A brilliant outcome for the patient and their family.

The CFR received an email of thanks from the Ambulance Service local management team following this call.

Georgina Lovejoy
Clinical Liaise/trainer on behalf of the East of England Ambulance Service



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