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Friday 16 November 2017

Our Clerk, Claire Ebeling has tendered her resignation and will be leaving at the end of the year. She will be greatly missed as during the six years she has been in post she has gained a reputation for being very knowledgable and efficient.

Wednesday 15 November

Gayle Mallows has resigned her position as a Town Councillor.  The official notice of a vacancy is to be found here.

Gayle’s hard work for our community will be missed: playing a key role in preparing for planning decisions, participating in community activities, chairing the previous Playing Fields Association, contributing to the Environment Committee, leading and organising the Community Plan, just being there in support of others on so many occasions.

Tuesday 7 November

One of our street wardens, Colin Smith has resigned.  We are very grateful for his steadfast work for our community over the years: a friendly face on our streets, keeping up the high standard of cleanliness.

The vacancy is advertised here.

New regulations now apply on dog-fouling throughout Clare, from 1st October – this Public Spaces Protection Order can be seen on this page.

Friday 12 May

Last year’s Community Survey is now published; it is available on this website here.   Hard print copies (including one in large print) will shortly be available in the Library.  A short summary of the Highlights is being distributed to all residents in the coming days.  Many action points have been drawn up; these will form the core of what the council hopes to achieve.

Over the coming months, the future of Clare will be subject to close examination as we have to prepare for a strategic response to how St Edmundsbury Borough Council views us, in terms of housing development, transport infrastructure and so many other issues.  They are starting to draw up their plans beyond 2031.

We have not yet chosen which route to follow: Neighbourhood Plan, Town Master Plan, do nothing.  We trust the last is not one we would choose for our community.

Whatever we adopt, it will take not just the hard work of councillors and the council’s officers, but it will be the involvement of the whole of Clare, its businesses, its voluntary organisations, its various charitable trusts and its individuals that will determine our success.

Friday 2 April

Last night the Town Council approved a variety of measures.

The report on last year’s Community Survey was approved; this will be published on this website shortly, together with the raw data; hard print copies (including one in large print) will be available in the Library.  A short summary will be distributed to all residents in the coming days.  Many action points have been drawn up; these will form the core of what the council hopes to achieve.

A programme of ‘dressing the town’ this summer (from June to the end of August) was approved: hanging baskets will be installed across the main streets, chevron banners and flags will be hung.  This should attract more visitors, vital to the economic health of our town.

Parking was a major concern in both the survey and in comments made to the police on their Crime Reduction event in early March.  Two councillors have undertaken to conduct a mapping of all parking across Clare and to consult with police on how an improved parking control service could operate.  Issues on line re-painting will be raised with Suffolk County Council.

The new eastward-bound bus stop in Stoke Road will be relocated to the pull-in nearer Westfield.

Look out for the Town Council’s Annual Report.  This will be distributed to residents before the Annual Town meeting on Wednesday 10th May.

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