Current Planning Applications


Please find below a list of those planning applications related to Clare which will be discussed at a future Town Council meeting.  Most of these will be on the agenda of the next Town Council meeting, that is, on the third Thursday of each month: on occasion, either because of the timing limits of the planning authority or because of the complexity of a particular application, a separate public meeting is convened.

Current list:

DC/18/2449/HH: -Planning Application – 18 Gilbert Rd, Clare – Rear first floor extension.

DC/18/2459/ADV:Application for Advertisement Consent – 8 Market Hill and High Street, Clare – Replacement signage Co-Op.


Applications are taken off the list once they have been discussed by the town council.  Within a few days, the council’s advice will be visible amongst the other documents.

To see any application

Using the code of each application eg DC/18/0365/FUL, insert this into the search page of the Planning Department: in the box labelled: “Enter a keyword, reference number, postcode or single line of an address”.  All  of the application documents, received to that date, are then available to view.  The number of documents available at any time is fluid as it depends on the responses from any number of different bodies, such as the Environment Agency, Suffolk Highways……