The Nuttery



Carving next to the Nuttery pond

Carving next to the Nuttery pond: photo Keith Mison

Clare Nuttery is owned by Clare Town Council and forms part of the Dedham Vale and Stour Valley Countryside Project, which works with local communities and landowners to help them improve their local environment.  At the Nuttery we are creating a woodland that we can enjoy now and our great-grandchildren will one day cherish.  Hundreds of young trees have been planted over the years, boundary hedges are restored; a large pond has been given a new lease of life.  There are paths winding through the trees, connecting two open glades and creating a lovely place to walk a dog, listen to the birds or have a picnic.  And yes, there are nut trees: hazel and walnut.

Guelder rose berries in the  snow in the Nuttery

Guelder rose berries in the snow: photo Keith Mison

Clare Nuttery is located behind the cemetery, which can be reached from the High Street opposite the church.  From the cemetery chapel, the Nuttery can be found to the south, starting at a tree & hedge-lined path.  Why not combine a visit to the Nuttery with a walk around the Clare Circular Footpath?  The Nuttery is only accessible on foot but the ground is level and there are no stiles or gates to negotiate.  In winter the paths can be muddy.

The Nuttery now has two entrances at the western end from permissive footpaths that have recently been created by a landowner, for which we are very grateful – see the PDF map.

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