Speed Indicator


If you drive along the A1092 or elsewhere in Clare you have probably noticed the Speed Indicator sign, or ‘SID’; it is often referred to as VAS – vehicle-activated sign.  It does not contain a camera or a number plate recognition system, but it indicates to drivers their speed about once a second.  We all tend to be driving faster than we guess we are without looking at the speedometer, so this helps us keep to 30 mph as we approach the narrow streets and bends at the heart of our town, so often busy with pedestrians.  sid

The Town Council wishes to thank Cllr Mary Evans and the highways officer in St Edmundsbury BC for their help in acquiring the machine and coordinating its use.  When it has been thoroughly tested and evaluated we plan to hold an information meeting for everyone interested in the information it provides and how we can work towards an efficient and safe traffic management plan for Clare.

The location of the SID will be moved to different suitable locations at intervals.  Suffolk Constabulary will receive regular data from the machine and will decide on their own further action – see their web pages on road safety and speeding.  See this page for data from the sign.

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