The Town Council operates to a national standard: this may be seen in the way it works through its Standing Orders.  This includes a reference to a code of conduct for councillors.  The council seeks advice from SALC, Suffolk Association of Local Councils and LCPAS, Local Council Public Advisory Service.

Policy documents have been drawn up with details of how the Town Council deals with a variety of issues:

The Town Council draws up its own plan to see how it can best tackle the issues it faces and how best it can resolve these through its committees or working parties, at the same time reflecting on its achievements and failures.  A review of the last 4 Year-Plan 2012-2016 is available.  A new plan is available on the Community Plan 2017 pages.

From time to time, the Town Council is asked to comment on national, regional, county or district policies.  It may do so after discussion and consultation with councillors, bearing in mind our own aims, standards and policies and the interests of our community.

Here we provide links to consultations that are current.   Parishioners may wish to visit and make their own observations.

2017/18 Local Government Finance Settlement Technical Consultation: this deals with referendum principles and local community expenditure.  There is a UK government site with a response address;  we will post a summary soon.

East Anglia Devolution consultation ended on 23 August 2016; a guide to the issue is here.