Planning Outcomes


The outcomes of planning applications following the process from submission, presentation before the Town Council and decision-making at SEBC level (simple approval by a planning officer, presentation to the Development Control Panel (17 SEBC councillors, plus report from Planning Officer and public statements from statutory bodies and other parties) and, rarely, recommendation from a planning inspector and even a planning inquiry – all of these are announced publicly.

In the majority of cases, simple approval is granted.  In a few cases, usually because of objections raised, a planning application may go further.

The Town Council has a Planning working party who have undertaken specialist training and acquired considerable knowledge of the procedures. They prepare material to assist the council in making recommendations.  Our attention to detail and knowledge of local conditions as a statutory body means that we are rarely in disagreement with SEBC decisions.  Our recommendations pay close attention to the multiple & varied  development management policies established by SEBC [View Development Management Policies 2015].



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