Clare Town Council is funded by levying a precept collected with the council tax paid by the residents of the parish.  The amount varies depending on the size of the community, government decisions and activities carried out by the council (we are responsible for our own street-cleaning and grass-cutting which many smaller councils do not do).  Money can be borrowed to fund the development of community assets – as we did for the Playing Field and the Community Centre.

Expenditure is controlled by the Responsible Finance Officer, Maureen Smith, in accordance with the council’s Financial Regulations  (last amended in December 2017).  All decisions are taken by the Town Council: public money can only be spent where there is a legal power.  Spending under Section 137 LGA 1972 for expenditure to the benefit of the community is limited.  A balance sheet with other details is published monthly.  All cheques have to endorsed by two signatories (all councillors).

Every year an independent auditor examines the accounts – the external audit report for 2017-18 may be found here.  The accounts for 2017-18 are available for public viewing – see here for details.

A summary of all of the council’s finances is published every year in the Annual Report.  The reports for 2017-18 consists of the Balance Sheet and Income & Expenditure.

The Annual Report for 2017 – 2018 may be found here; finance is to be found on page 5. The annual report for 2016-17 may be found here;  The report for the previous year 2015-16 may be found here;