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Giant glowing Eyes - dog poop signThis poster is from the Keep Britain Tidy.

Media focus is based around a case study on a toddler, Aimee, who hit news headlines after falling in dog poo and losing partial sight in her eye after suffering with toxocariasis. This highlights how important it is for dog owners to worm their dog so that the risk of toxocariasis is diminished.

If you are a dog owner or walker then you must pick up your dog’s mess if it fouls in certain public places.

Within Clare the public places include all our roads, pavements and swards, all of the Country Park, all of the Playing Field area, the Cemetery, the Nuttery and every footpath.  These are covered by the Public Spaces Protection Order (Dogs) 2017 – St Edmundsbury Borough Council.

Dogs are specifically excluded from two enclosed areas of Clare: the Childrens’ Playground in the Country Park and the Westfield Play Area.

Complete the online litter and dog fouling form if you want to report dog foul that needs clearing or have witnessed dog fouling and are willing to provide a witness statement. You can let us know if you think there is a need for a dog bin in a particular place or use the full or overflowing dog waste bin form to report a full or overflowing dog bin.

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