Clare Town Council aims to work in the best interest of the Town of Clare and all the members of its community.  It will ensure this by:

Taking a lead

This means that CTC aims to

  • Publicise its views, activities and decisions through the widest range of local media.
  • Represent the best interests of the Town when working with central and other local government agencies.
  • Ensure that the community has a working Town Plan which is consistent with and based upon a mutual sense of pride in Clare and its surrounds.

Being inclusive

This means that CTC aims to

  • Be a welcoming and listening council which acts effectively and promptly for the common good.
  • Keep a balanced point of view, support the participation of all parties and broker consensus when there are opposing views.
  • Engage and communicate effectively with business, education, health and all community groups.

Deliver value for money

This means that CTC aims to

  • Create and manage the budget of the town so that we deliver value for money for the community.
  • Keep the town running properly and support civic amenities from the Town Hall and Cemetery to bus
    shelters and town signs.
  • Operate services to ensure the town always looks clean and attractive and instils a sense of pride in the wider community and our visitors.

Manage business efficiently

This means that CTC aims to

  • Meet its legal obligations as a Town Council.
  • Manage its staff and contractors properly.
  • Keep its procedures under constant review to ensure they are effective and relevant, both for councillors and Parishioners.

Community Action SuffolkTo further these aims, The Town Council takes advice and support from other organisations. It is a member of Community Action Suffolk.  It is also a member of the Suffolk Association of Local Councils (SALC).

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