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The Clare Business Association (CBA) is a subscription based organisation which aims to promote trade in Clare and offer support and training to business owners.  It is the conduit for external agencies and organisations to reach the business community.

Clare is a Key Service centre in the St. Edmundsbury Rural Vision 2031, servicing around 8,500 residents in the local area for whom Clare is the nearest shopping town.  Nationally, rural businesses comprise 20% of the total, but in St Edmundsbury, the ratio is 40%.  Clare has a good selection of professional services, independent shops with traditional family provisions, cafes and restaurants, ancient pubs and inns, antiques, art and collectibles.

The CBA meets every other month at 6 pm on a different evening each time to allow as many members as possible to attend.  Meetings are usually finished by 7 pm or, when there is an outside speaker, by 7:30 pm.  Different businesses host the meetings.

The CBA hopes, by meeting regularly for a short time, to encourage businesses to participate in an information-sharing manner so that we can support one another.  The CBA has organised training on Twitter and Facebook for members and had presentations from MENTA and the New Anglia Growth Hub enabling business owners to keep their skills up to date and to be aware of grant funding opportunities that they may not otherwise hear about.

shop-locally-leafletThe CBA holds an Annual Dinner to which all members and their partners are invited.

The CBA has good relationships with the Town Council and the Trustees of the Country Park;  together we work to promote the whole town of Clare.

The CBA  supports local charities and worthy activities and produces the shop locally leaflets which map the businesses in the heart of the town.  These are available in most shops in the town and can be found in various Tourism Information Offices in Suffolk.

In the A-Z Businesses list on this website. members are indicated by this logo: Clare Business Association member


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