Various bye-laws apply across Clare.

Within Clare the public places, which include all our roads, pavements and swards, all of the Country Park, all of the Playing Field area, the Cemetery, the Nuttery and every footpath, are covered by dog-fouling laws, administered by St Edmundsbury Borough Council  – see the page on this issue.

Bye-laws for Clare Castle Country Park have been prepared for discussion and adoption by the Town Council.  Once adopted, the public will have access to them for 21 days and comments may be passed on to the clerk for further consideration by the Council.  Once formally agreed at a subsequent meeting of the council, the bye-laws are passed to the Secretary of State for approval.

Warning: the set available here have not been discussed by the Council; it is not a fixed document at this stage.  At the next meeting, issues may be raised on specific items and amendments made.  The revised set will be available, subject to the agreement of the council, in the week of 23 October for a 21 day period.  Issues already known to the editor include boats, fishing, dogs and cycling.

Bye-laws are enforceable in the courts.  Possibly of greater significance is that they may have a significant bearing on the outcomes for claims for damages.  Someone in breach of a bye-law may find they can make no claim, or are responsible for a claim against them by a third party.

Bye-laws for the Playing Field and the Nuttery will be published shortly in the same manner.

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